Considering Michael Render’s straight-up activism and the trippy, overtly pro-pot—and psilocybin—stances that Run the Jewels’s El-P puts forth, it’s actually surprising that RTJ didn’t already have a cannabis brand.

The duo’s first product, furnished by Cookies’ cousin Lemonnade, is named for their their recent hit, “Ooh LA LA.”
High Times

  • Lemonnade specializes in sativa-leaning bud, but the Ooh LA LA strain, according to the group’s statement “merges Lemonnade’s sativa focus with RTJ’s indica appreciation to achieve the ideal hybrid strain.
  • RTJ pre-rolls, extracts, blunts, and vapes will be available at Sacramento’s Lemonnade store, but also in Merced, Modesto, La Mesa, San Diego, Oakland, Redding and Hayward.

Quick Hits

  1. The City of West Hollywood is considering a ban on pot smoking in new apartments. Anyone offended by this policy can protest it by writing the council or calling into Monday’s Zoom council meeting, which begins at 5:30 p.m.; (323) 848-6460.
    California NORML
  2. In March, Nevada regulators told all retailers to stop selling Cherry OG F3 because the flower failed multiple lab tests. This week, three stores are under investigation for continuing to sell the strain.
    MJ Biz Daily