Speaking between Portland and Mexico City, podcast hosts Mennlay Aggrey and Lauren Yoshiko share their understanding of Africa’s history with the ancient plant and how cannabis dispersed around the globe.

Under-documented, the history engaged here isn’t distorted by colonial perspectives and avoids erasing Indigenous and Black voices.

  • Where pre-colonial African farming is concerned, Aggrey points out that cannabis was initially farmed on the continent after arriving from South Asia. That epochal journey reaches back to prehistory. More recently, A.D. 1000 was a pivotal time of dispersal.
  • Historian Isaac Campos’s book Home Grown is discussed as a resource in Mexico’s known narrative of this drug and textile crop.

Quick Hit

  1. Contract farming was an unusual arrangement not long ago. Today it’s pretty common for landowners to obtain cultivation permits and then bring on veteran growers to handle the actual farming.
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