Akerna’s initial public offering and multiple recent dispensary acquisitions have involved rebranding that de-emphasizes someone’s idea of a stoner. Many marketers new to the space are pushing a kind of greenwash to win over noobs.
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  • “The industry is changing and sort of going from possibly something that’s sort of way recreational and goofy to something that’s a little more serious and medicinal,” said Bill Winchester, President of Madison-based digital marketing firm Lindsay, Stone and Briggs. Winchester has no cannabis activism on his resume, but rather credits with 3M and Target. So you know he’s looking out for the culture.

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  1. Clear-cut trees, diverted waterways, and ground littered with open containers of fertilizer and rodenticide were discovered in a recent raid of a 9,000-plant Shasta-Trinity National Forest grow.These are just some of Trespass farming‘s ecological toll.
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