In the most surreal story of the week, both High Tide and Choom released the same press release, attributing an identical quote to High Tide president and CEO Raj Grover and to Choom CEO Corey Gillon.
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Quick Hits

  1. Various users noted social-media site Reddit had geoblocked access to its r/CanadianMOMs messageboard, a discussion and review forum about illicit mail-order-marijuana websites. Those accessing the messageboard from Canada receive a warning the content has been “restricted in your country in response to a legal request.”
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  2. Hexo co-founder, director, and former Chief Brand Officer pledged $10,000 to the Ottawa Food Bank during the COVID crisis, and tagged the Wu Tang Clan, as you do. The Wu came through with a donation of their own. At last count, the drive had raised over $170,000 for the food bank.
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  3. Storz & Bickel‘s Volcano Medic 2 vaporizer received a Medical Device Licence from Health Canada.
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