WeedWeek business columnist Dan Mitchell takes a look at U.S. Attorney General William Barr’s antitrust investigations into the cannabis industry, and whether Big Pot is a threat:

John Elias, a prosecutor in the [Justice Department’s] antitrust division, said Barr, motivated purely by his “personal dislike for the industry,” directed the division to investigate so many cannabis companies that the industry eventually represented nearly 30% of the cases it was pursuing. This despite the fact that the companies held “low market shares in a fragmented industry” and “do not meet established criteria for antitrust investigations.” 

Of 10 examples, the only one Elias mentioned was the proposed MedMen/PharmaCann merger, which fell apart last fall due to “regulatory delays” and other issues.

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Three dozen Congresspeople called for an inquiry into Barr’s cannabis anti-trust work and possible impeachment. They said it was an “abuse of power.”
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Separately, MedMen could be ejected from Pasadena, Calif.’s licensing process, on account of turnover at the company. City officials wouldn’t say how it would change the selection.
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  1. Federal border patrol agents have seized legal cannabis shipments in southern California. ????WW California has more.
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