When reports that Orange County-based Weedmaps was under federal subpoena surfaced in March, the original documents supressed the identities of many California companies who had worked with the Yelp of weed. This week, Marijuana Business Daily obtained a copy of the subpoena.

Weedmaps’ relationships with the state’s licensed and apparently illicit companies are a significant part of the investigation.
MJ Biz Daily

  • Industry attorneys say the subpoena’s breadth makes gauging what the feds are looking for impossible. 
  • Company employees, officers and investors are identified in the document, almost 100 in total.
  • “The subpoena’s wide-ranging demand for information serves as a reminder that the U.S. Department of Justice will not allow the industry to operate unpoliced,” writes John Schroyer.

Quick Hits

  1. Nearly two months have passed, and quarantine feels a bit like low-grade imprisonment. In fact, right now “may finally be cannabis’ moment to transform into a truly modern and mainstream industry.”
  2. If you don’t think that police beating of a 14-year-old Rancho Cordova child isn’t about pot, then you don’t know about blunt culture. How many times have you seen an authority figure so enraged over a Swisher Sweet?
    The Guardian
  3. Throughout April, Johanna Silver showed folks how to grow at home, from her backyard in Berkeley. Silver’s only growing half the legal limit, but the three she’s  planting are Freakshow, Sweet Annie and Cherry Pie x Lemon Chem. Let’s see how this plays out.