In 2019, San Diego edibles company Kaneh was promoting its cookies by comparing them to Girl Scouts brands, including Salted Toffee Blondies and Samosas. Last month,  a lawsuit from the non-profit  followed.

This is not the Girl Scouts’ first time at the cannabis litigation rodeo. But, more than proving that raising the Girl Scouts ire’ is a bad idea, the Kaneh case illustrates the risk of misappropriation when comparing products.. 
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  • Language in the suit has the Girl Scout attorneys accusing the cannabis company of coasting on the youth organization’s good will. 
  • Weed advertisers must keep in mind that using another’s trademark  in comparative advertising may be allowed, but the practice can still be hazardous. 

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  1. Per usual, California is providing weed around America with teachable moments. This week’s lesson comes in the form of a Florida firm’s lawsuit against weed entrepreneur Case Mandel.
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