It was pretty stressful owning one of the first 25 REC stores in Ontario.
Global News

  • One source of stress is REC store break-ins, like this one in BC.
    The Straight

If you tell BC’s Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch that you owned, operated, financially supported, received income from an unlicensed REC retail on or after March 1, 2020, they’re not going to license your REC store. Ditto if you answer yes when asked whether you’ve been involved in the distribution or supply of cannabis to unlicensed retailers.
Inside the Jar

Dry-flower products–including pre-rolls–sold out in Whitehorse, Yukon’s only REC store last week. Next door in Northwest Territories, Yellowknife still has no private REC retail, despite opening the application process last spring.
NNSL, Cabin Radio

Flagrant scofflaw Toronto dispensary chain CAFE, facing likely more than 100 charges for its refusal to shut its stores, announced it joined the Canadian Cannabis Retailers Union and committed to “the highest standards of responsible cannabis sales and employee education and training.”