The idea of eliminating or dismantling the MED system–debated for years–is being discussed again.

  • Arguing licensed home MED growing allows too many plants that create a nuisance for neighbours, Simcoe County columnist Ian Adams argued Health Canada should rewrite MED laws to limit home growing.
  • Inside the Jar’s Amanda Siebert argued any conflation of the REC and MED systems represents a threat to patient access.
    Inside the Jar
  • The BC Compassion Club Society, the country’s first Compassion Club, has operated illegally since 1997, but now it’s working to become legal without betraying its core goals of low-cost MED access.
    Globe and Mail, Yahoo Finance
  • Part of the debate is the question of how much information budtenders should be allowed to provide customers about purported effects or benefits of different cultivars, discussed in this thread.
    Twitter–CBD Mason

Winnipeg’s city council demanded the federal government’s help in dealing with complaints over MED grow-ops “where hundreds of plants are cultivated within residential homes.” City councillors were surprised Health Canada does not share information about the location of patients licensed to grow MED with anyone other than police. Municipalities and provinces have no jurisdiction over MED licensing.
CBC Winnipeg

Researchers at McMaster University discovered cannabinoid CBG may be useful in treating antibotic-resistant staph infections (MRSA).
CBC Hamilton


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  1. The next fad investment for law-bending investors is psychedelics. Toronto psychedelic pharma company Mind Medicine, backed by Ousted Canopy co-founder Bruce Linton, began trading on Toronto’s “new” stock exchange NEO. (Linton is involved in many other things: such as raising¬† money for the US cannabis industry.) This week, Field Trip Psychedelics opened a psychedelic-enhanced therapy clinic in Toronto it called the first of its kind.
    Globe and Mail, New Cannabis Ventures, PR NewsWire
  2. Police in Montreal suburb Laval raided a MED clinic that offered an on-site smoking lounge, which owners said is operating legally under an existing permit for cigar- and shisha-smoking lounges. The owners are not happy about it.
    CTV News, Growth Op