Pinpointing exactly whose gains are Ill-gotten is a pretty dicey gambit in today’s cannabis milieu. Yet, by stubbornly holding on to its lifelong practice of featuring all dispensaries — legal status be damned—Weedmaps has made for an easy Regulatory Era villain.The Irvine-based Yelp of weed announced it would remove all illicit operators from its directory “later this year.”
OC Register

  • Since the 2018 Bureau of Cannabis Control cease-and desist letter, Weedmaps has been defiant. But pressure from state regulators and the legal industry — on grounds that Weedmaps bolstered the illicit market by showcasing their often cheaper products — won out.
  • On Wednesday, Weedmaps also announced its initiative to help social equity entrepreneurs obtain licenses, a project endorsed by the California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. “The Weedmaps initiative will provide minority entrepreneurs with the skills, tools, and resources they need to compete for those licenses. And get them,” said Julian Canete, president and CEO of the California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

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  1. Are you ready to get down with Snoop Dogg’s bong in Vegas? The omnipresent hip hop legend has a new Pound brand glass product, and this time Snoop is launching the water pipe with a tour “to show love to all people we’ve performed for.”
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