The L.A. Times devotes a long review to cannabis subscription box Nugg Club:

The magical striped box I received on a sunny SoCal Sunday afternoon managed to deliver something that can’t exactly be tallied or quantified — and something I hadn’t realized was sorely missing in the era of legal weed: a sense of fun, wonderment and joyful discovery.

For cannabis enthusiasts of a certain era (those whose herb-smoking heyday was three to four decades ago), pot-purchasing was part-crap shoot and part-winning lottery ticket; Iowa road weed in a garbage bag one day, skunky green bud smuggled across Lake Champlain from Canada on a rubber raft the next. And, instead of brightly lit store fronts, the go-to was a network of like-minded friends that formed, for lack of a better word, a club.

The box, currently available in L.A. and Orange counties, is available to COVID-19 healthcare workers for $1 plus tax.