A Santa Barbara attorney on Thursday filed a class-action lawsuit against multiple Carpinteria cultivators, alleging that Carpentaria residents are being harmed by fumes wafting from the area’s outdoor REC farms. Allergies and worsened asthma are said to be resulting from the smell. 

“Burning eyes, a lot of respiratory issues,” have resulted from the smell, according to plaintiff Greg Gandrud. “My spouse has asthma that’s been made much, much worse. Sore throats, headaches, coughing. I have difficulty breathing, sometimes.” KEYT

  • That litigants say Santa Barbara County Supervisors have approved laws that are too lenient, and are unresponsive when laws are broken. Their suit demands that cultivators use “carbon-based filtration methods” and seal their greenhouses.
  • The suit comes as Supervisor Das Williams faces heightened criticism from challenger Laura Capp that he’s too cozy with cannabis. Williams and Capp face off at the polls on Tuesday.