Beware the pot connoiseur who humblebrags, “I’d only ever been to cannabis cafes in Vancouver, Barcelona, and Amsterdam.” It’s almost guaranteed that they’re going to have a shitty time at any American consumption lounge.

And a Seattle pot snob, at that? Sheesh.
The Stranger

  • “Pot cafes are an inversion of the normal stoner public experience. Instead of getting high and fearing everyone around you knows you are high, at a pot cafe, you’re high but you know all of these strangers around you are also high. It’s almost more disconcerting.” More of a “you” thing than a problem with the unnamed dispensary under review.

Quick Hit

  1. Let us look back hazily at a decade of weed hype. Writer Jimi Devine has some wild ideas on the federal legalization slog, the War on Drugs and, of course… strains.
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