On the weekend that began May 29, at least 10 San Francisco dispensaries were robbed or burgled in crimes committed under the fog of street protest. Not a single suspect was charged.

Word on the streets in Northern California is that owners can expect more robberies this weekend.

  • S.F.’s Office of Cannabis Control sent an email, warning licensed weed dispensaries to level up their security, including armed guards.
  • It’s not just The City that’s whispered to be in crosshairs. Dispensaries from Vallejo to L.A. are said to be on criminal hit lists.

Quick Hits

  1. Montclair, a Republican-dominated San Bernardino County town facing a big sales-tax shortfall, is one of the municipalities taking a new look at legalization.
  2. This week a joint webinar presented by Black cannabis advocates posited that recent focus on serious diversity within the industry is far more than a fad.
    Cannabis Business Times
  3. Kanha has partnered with HBO on CBD gummies, as a promotion for  Together, an HBO-Plus series that also apparently contains just trace amounts of THC.
    Marijuana Moment