Canadians bought a total $1.3B legal REC in the first full year of legalization, purchasing more as the year went on.
Financial PostTwitter—David George-Cosh

New Statistics Canada numbers found legal cannabis consumption continues to rise slowly, while fewer Canadians are buying on the illicit market. But who seems to be consuming significantly less cannabis since legalization? That’s right, it’s the children!
Statistics Canada, Twitter—Michael J Armstrong, The Simpsons

CBC News found massive differences in the prices of the same legal oil- and gelcap products between provinces.
CBC Toronto, Youtube—CBC

  • In the case of one format of Aurora CBD (9mg to 12mg) capsules, a package sold for $44.99 in BC sold for $52.20 in Ontario, $86.99 in Alberta, and $92.30 in Quebec.
  • The Ontario Cannabis Store said they had lowered prices on more than 200 productsFinancial Post

If you’re looking for a job managing a REC store in Toronto, expect to be paid $80,000 to $100,000 per year plus extended benefits (get those massages, you’re worth it).

Nova Scotia police reported “maybe a 30 to 40% increase in terms of the numbers of [drug impaired driving] arrests”—though the number of people charged with drug-impaired driving actually declined from 21 in 2018 to 13 last year.
CBC Nova Scotia, Twitter—Ashley Keenan

  • Critics pointed out Nova Scotia police using saliva-testing devices can only determine whether someone has consumed cannabis in the recent past, not whether they are impaired.
    Twitter—Jenna Valleriani

Beer sales continued to decline, which many (including some brewers) believe is the result of canna-competition.
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