Mainstream manufacturers who keep up-to-date on cannabis industry market research know that packaging, labeling and marketing rules in the sector are complex. The ones who study hard find themselves adapting well to this unfamiliar market.

  • As cannabis marketing and branding can matter even more than in traditional markets, label manufacturers have an even bigger assignment than knowing what goes on a product package; they literally need to deal with the weed world’s small print.
  • Manufacturers must utilize data explaining who pot’s emerging consumer base is.
  • Conversely, the way cannabis companies are moving through the COVID-19 crisis—particularly their adroit use of social media and commerce platforms—is proving educational for manufacturers.

Quick Hit

  1. When anti-legalization group Smart Approaches to Marijuana objected to industry relief being addressed in the House of Representatives’ proposed CARES sequel, Nancy Pelosi tried to set Kevin Sabet straight.
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