While 55% of Republicans favor REC legalization, right wing Fox News personality Tucker Carlson voiced his emphatic opposition to Speaker of the House turned cannabis pitchman John Boehner(R) in an interview with Breitbart.

Carlson said:
“John Boehner is like a marijuana lobbyist now, right?” Carlson said. “Waking up every morning taking a paycheck getting your kids to smoke more weed? Why isn’t John Boehner considered disgusting? I consider John Boehner disgusting. Why don’t most Republicans think that? You go from being Speaker of the House to being a weed lobbyist and nobody says anything? Like, that’s totally normal? Really John Boehner—are you making America better, pig? No, you’re not. You’re making it much, much worse. Ask anyone with teenage children what John Boehner’s doing for America. I’m serious—it’s disgusting.”

Last year in WeedWeek I asked if John Boehner is good for weed?

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