San Francisco bragging rights were at stake with a pop-up called The Transbay Challenge. It turned out to be a summer’s end exclamation point.
Cannabis Now

  • Jimi Devine hadn’t produced a cannabis event since he worked on the first New Weed Summit, but then he got together judges Ellen Holland, Ngaio Bealum (above) and Elise McDonough. Being judge-y never felt so good.
  • Perhaps the most compelling plant description is judge Holland’s take on Golden Seal‘s runner-up Red Congolese. “I’m a sucker for landrace genetics so the Red Congolese from Gold Seal and F1 Durban x Gushers cross from Commune bubbled to the to the top.” As it does.

Quick Hit

  1. Is it still news if Seth Rogen shows up for a pot thing? Asking for a fiend. If you missed out on smelling the flower, here’s an opportunity to experience a mediated answer to that Hall of Flowers question and much, much more.
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