To anyone who questions whether cannabis is medicine or the industry is essential, read these stories of humans benefiting from cannabis’ ability to relieve pain and anxiety.

Suffering is pointless.
SF Weekly

  • Michael Cohen, 74, began using cannabis to cope with the severe nausea resulting from his use of the anti-AIDS drug AZT. Not only was he not sick to his stomach after using cannabis, the plant made him feel good. “It’s not a bad thing that medicine is pleasurable to use.”
  • Marine Corps vet Ryan Miller, 39, felt unmanageable guilt about his conduct in overseas wars. That led to excessive eating and drinking, until cannabis saved him. Now Miller is president of Educating Veterans About Cannabis (EVAC).

Quick Hit

  1. The Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation can finally put last fall’s Phase One licensing snafu behind it. On April 10, the city’s audit of the process was posted.
    Los Angeles City Clerk