Even hardcore NBA followers have been surprised to learn that Isiah Thomas is now playing in the cannabis game. No showy NBA weed leader like Al Harrington, Thomas has his son Joshua as CMO of his CBD-focused Vesl Oils.

In a sports world where respectability politics still rule and league rules put cannabis consuming jocks at extreme financial risk, an all-timer like Thomas joining Harrington and the always weed-friendly John Salley for a Benzinga Zoom meeting made for a rare mix of roundball and bud biz talk. 
Yahoo Finance

  • Thomas, who claims not to consume THC, says his and Joshua’s CBD line generated $3M in revenue over the past fiscal year and has over the month been boosted by a 35% surge in e-commerce.
  • Salley explains how his daughter Tyla turned her college tuition into seed capital for Deuces22 , a lifestyle brand. Harrington moves his conversation beyond his business expansion to its social equity initiative, Viola Cares

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