Earlier this month, we learned what a pair of sheriff’s deputies from the biggest Golden State market yet to legalize pot saw in a thriving underground pot game: A shot at stealing confiscated product and conspiring to sell it. Which they did. 

Considering who’s imprisoned for possessing and selling pot, but not for stealing the stuff? The penalties these disgraced deputies face seem light.
Associated Press 

  • Derrick Penney and Logan August, former Kern County (Bakersfield) Sheriff’s deputies, pleaded guilty to federal conspiracy charges and were given probation for the thefts. A separate investigation revealed that the officers stole 350 more pounds of product than initially thought.  
  • August could get as many as 10 years for his role in the caper. Penney will serve 90 days in custody and be placed on probation. Sentencing is set for Oct. 13. 

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