On Sunday the venerable CBS news magazine 60 Minutes took a shot at explaining the complexities in the general market. But how do the talked-about of the Emerald Triangle regard 60 Minutes‘ coverage? On Thursday, one Mendocino County media outlook took a shot at giving context
Anderson Valley Advertiser 

  • In a recap article called “The Sheriff is a Realist” — which begins a few entries down, beneath the solar panels Facebook post — Fred Gardner observes, “The 60 Minutes perspective is unabashedly that of the ganjapreneurs who could afford to get licensed.” Yet, it’s Sheriff Tom Allman who most popped, as his American cop bretheren must have choked upon seeing local law enforcement not arresting unlicensed growers . “But others would have appreciated him for extending the boundaries of acceptable attitudes for people in their line of work.”
  • And Gardner ends his coverage where? Why it’s with another Allman nugget” “Who would’ve thought that when we write a search warrant and we go out and serve it we would bring a biologist with us? Now it’s as important to us as bringing a gun. Sunday night network TV viewers weren’t likely to see that coming.