Slotting fees are pay-to-play in the most public-facing sense. In short, brands pay from $500 to $15,000 per month for choice spots on retailers’ shelves. For as long as we have dispensaries, would-be players will pay.
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  • Slotting fees’ ascent seems to have risen with the 2017-2019 popularity of vaping, whose products contributed to a shelf-space crunch. 
  • Critics of slotting argue it hurts smaller brands that lack the funds to pay for visibility. But slotting has been in mainstream retail since the 1980s, and pot super-wants to be mainstream.

Quick Hits

  1. When brand-name artists say they’ve grown skeptical of weed, assume  it’s not the plant they’re talking about. It’s you, legal cannabis industry. It’s you.
  2. What happens when a “fashion branding guru” from the east coast builds up a grow in Santa Barbara County? Why, she and her husband get sued by prohibitionists, of course!
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