“You can’t have a regulated economy without regulators and in order for the laws to have any meaning, regulators have to demonstrate that the laws matter.” That’s what the state’s case against Lowell Farms amounts to, longtime cannabis journalist Chris Roberts writes.
Cannabis Now

  • Neither the California Department of Food and Agriculture or Bureau of Cannabis Control are talking, as their investigations are ongoing. But since March’s half-ton seizure of weed from an unlicensed processing facility in San Luis Obispo County, discussion has grown around the state’s claim that Lowell put unregulated cannabis into the market and thereby undermined the legal market.
  • Lowell Farms doesn’t appear to have directly disputed the allegations about having used an unlicensed facility for several months, but it said it hasn’t put any untested product into the market.  
  • The author asserts that a scenario exists in which both the state and Lowell “could be ‘right.’”
  • Meanwhile, Eater wonders if the lawsuit has anyting to do with Lowell changing the name of its West Hollywood restaurant just after debuting to coverage that small business owners dream of.