It’s been said that if the legal cannabis industry is having a good week, the traditional market is having an awesome one. The disabled Marine Corps veteran visiting an acquaintance’s house to cop his ounce instead of the nearby state-approved dispensary unhappily keeps things awesome in the old market.

The vet does this to keep his benefits and work opportunities intact, even though pot is only federally illegal. And of course to save money.

  • A sufferer of post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and hypervigilance, Alex began growing his own bud more than a dozen years ago, despite knowing that an arrest would destabilize his VA status.
  • Veterans who openly use cannabis, even in legal states, “commonly run into challenges” when trying to get work, according to Military Times.
  • Alex, of Sacramento, calls his dealer’s place the “duty-free” market. He gets an ounce of concentrate for roughly half of what he’d pay at a state-certified REC shop.

Quick Hit

  1. Up in Garberville, a low-impact fender-bender leads to CHP nabbing 770 pounds of unsanctioned cannabis. Meanwhile, down in San Diego go-getter cops took the initiative of tearing up a dispensary. If you’re really paying attention, California weed enforcement plays like absurdist comedy.
    Redheaded Blackbelt/Merry Jane