A November ballot initiative put forth by MedMen, Alternative Herbal Health Services, Los Angeles Patients and Caregivers Group and Zen Healing collective—West Hollywood’s four “Original” dispensaries—was just infused with $145,628 chipped in by the owners.

First granted licenses in 2016, the four are operating on a temporary basis after a committee determined eight other dispensaries—the city’s limit—later gave  proposals the city found more attractive. The temporary licenses expire at year’s end. 

  • Also on the ballot is a measure produced by Adult Use Retailers Association of West Hollywood—the eight businesses that received approval to open REC shops.
  • The Originals’ initiative asks voters to approve a bump up in licenses from 8 to 16. Also, the petition includes numerous other changes to the city’s regulations governing cannabis shops, including: combining consumption lounge categories and changing the rules regarding sale/transfer of licenses. Because the Originals received the required number of signatures on their petition to change the rules, the city council voted unanimously at its June 1 meeting to send it to the voters in the November election.
  • A breakdown of group contributions to the West Hollywood Residents and Businesses for Fairness, a Coalition of Cannabis Businesses, UFCW Local 770, and Concerned Residents show MedMen contributing $90,000, Local 770 $25,000, and $25,000 from Alex Kardos of Where Eagles Fly, which qualified for a consumption lounge license in 2018.