A fascinating story in Politico recounts a series of eerily similar burglaries at Seattle-area grow sites:

“The robbers showed an uncanny sense of timing, striking just as the growers had amassed inventories of cut, cured, ready-to-sell product worth thousands, even tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“The growers began posting news of the heists on Instagram, swapping conjectures as to how the burglars knew where and when to strike. Two hypotheses emerged. The first: that an employee at a retail pot shop was either involved in the break-ins or telling the burglars whom to hit.

“But as the burglaries continued, the growers came to suspect that the criminals had found another way of getting the information they needed to target vulnerable businesses offering big payoffs…”

Washington state has some of the most liberal cannabis disclosure laws and some suspect the thieves plot their targets based on data which is publicly available, either on purpose or inadvertantly.

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