Grassroots organizing has been challenged under quarantine. However, as last month’s computerized expungement of more than 11,500 Santa Clara County cannabis convictions shows, the movement to clear Golden State records of the wronged continues to move forward.  

The expungement movement has essentially run on a face-to-face basis, culminating with National Expungement Week, in September. 

  • Zoom calls and virtual clinics now dominate the work. That many of those impacted by cannabis arrests are poor, lack internet access and have language barriers are challenges.
  • Criminal-justice advocates are attempting to innovate. One says she’s in talks with churches, in the possibility of using their buildings as expungement clinics.

Quick Hit

  1. On Tuesday in Milpitas, one council agenda item was a tax measure that would allow the Marin city to reverse its 2018 prohibition of cannabis business. Weed opponents had hundreds of public comments and most of the council votes.
    San Jose Mercury News