March has been a month for watching our own personal marriage story play out under tumultuous circumstances, from the Emerald Triangle to America’s southern border. Anyone feel like a good cry of some essential tears?
North Bay Business Journal/San Diego Union-Tribune

  • Sebastopol dispensary Solful reports a 25% drop in business since switching from counter to curbside service. CEO Eli Melrod, who had not transitioned the company to delivery, observed that the curbside model turns Solful’s customer-relationship-approach into something more transactional.
  • Everything’s changed, while California’s patchwork rules remained a constant. On Wednesday night, Berkeley’s economic development manager sent out an email saying that the city health officer ruled only deliveries will be legal in that municipality.
  • Meanwhile, in San Diego, one employee at an open dispensary told the Union Tribune. “We are all wearing gloves around here. We’re handling the cash. You have TVs everywhere telling you to stay six feet away from everybody.” Time will say whether that’s good enough.
  • In bustling Sacramento, Glass House Farms CEO Graham Farrar cut back service to 10 customers in a store, then to one customer, and…  as of now Glass House Farms is in the delivery business.

Quick Hit

  1. Tuesday’s Infused Products Virtual Conference is the rare March cannabis event that hasn’t been cancelled. Visionaries from Cresco Labs and Tandem Food will be in the virtual house.
    Cannabis Industry Journal