Gamblers who were certain we’d have Mexican REC before a Brexit vote have begun fingering their chips nervously. Despite a Supreme Court mandate, November is here and cannabis remains illegal south of our border. Mexico’s delay follows companies’ attempts to shape the law.
Cannabis Business Times

  • On Friday — the Senate’s deadline for finalizing the deal — came the delay’s announcement. Only two weeks prior, it was being widely reported that the language was close to complete. 
  • Word is that distributors with an eye on this market — which is twice Canada’s size — remain bullish on legalization. One can only imagine the action going on beneath the regulatory scrum. The new deadline for revisions is April 30.

Quick Hit

  1. After an extended family of Mormons were killed by drug lords this week, the 45th U.S. President declared war on Mexican cartels. Since wiping out drug lords differs from delivering tax breaks or appointing conservative judges, there’s limited faith in this promise being fulfilled.