Before we reach the universe of poolside cannabis culture, as described by designer Danny Gonzales on a May episode of the WeedWeek podcast, we’re going to be wading through a more prosaic milieu. How long until bud is given alcohol’s privileges? A decade? Never?

After more than 18 months of being all legaled up with no place to smoke, Californians have entered a new epoch in cannabis consumption. Residents and tourists now have a legal place to smoke outside our homes and not feel even a little criminalized.

And by “have a place,” WeedWeek California means a single outdoor festival, — Northern Nights — up near Humboldt. In West Hollywood, a cafe where one can eat and smoke and, yes, buy Mary Jane is on its way to opening. Probably.
Weedmaps/Eater Los Angeles

  • Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe was about to launch L.A.’s first consumption venue — a rooftop endeavor with showy design and a menu by Andrea Drummer — when local synagogue Kol Ami complained the faithful would “have to walk through clouds of marijuana to get to a synagogue.” (No word yet on whether such arrangements would actually improve attendance.)
  • Kol Ami hosts Friday night dinners on its rooftop. As the Lowell Farms cafe is outdoor as well, one of its rabbis wrote to the city, contact highs would be an ever-present threat.
  • The passage of AB 2020 made it possible for fans at the Emerald Triangle event set upon the banks of the Eel River to consume inside the Tree Lounge. More than 20 bud cultivators will be onhand.

Quick Hit

  1. Harborside honcho Steve DeAngelo penned an op-ed for the L.A. Times arguing 280E is actually helping the illicit market