Companies generating more than $25M in revenue have to conform to California’s new privacy laws, which go into place on July 1. The new rules allow consumers to ask companies to delete their personal data and stop stop selling it.

The state’s Consumer Privacy Act has cannabis companies changing business practices and updating websites, as policies aren’t what they used to be. And that’s a good thing for privacy. 
Bloomberg Law

  • Columbia Care and MedMen are mentioned as two companies that began complying with the coming law a while back. Others, according to the report, have begun to conform, though not required to, as the coming information onslaught in a market poised to explode is daunting.
  • “With all the scrutiny in the industry, you don’t want to be part of a regulator’s naughty list,” said Paige Pembrook, an attorney with San Francisco’s Ad Astra firm.