Any enthusiast of burning bud who has left the crib since January of 2018 knows that the issue of where to smoke is only slightly improved from the old, pre-REC days.

In hotels the issue is particularly acute. (Is one really relaxing if they’re on edge about pot?) Fortunately, some in local government and the hospitality industry are adjusting to present-tense realities better than others.

  • You’re a grown-ass human; why are you putting a towel under your chain hotel room like a nineties rapper? For now the best bet in Cali is a boutique, 420-friendly spot. The Hiltons, Wyndhams & Marriotts, however, are feeling their way. “What we see more and more today,” according to Louis J. Terminello, chair of the Hospitality, Alcohol and Leisure Industry Group at the Greenspoon Marder law firm, “is the hospitality industry reaching out to their legal providers to help rewrite their policies, procedures, manuals and operational plans on how to deal with this.”
  • Colorado not long ago approved a measure that would allow “hospitality spaces” where bud might be burned. Similar measures have been approved in Nevada and Massachusetts.