Pharmaceutical giant Shoppers Drug Mart (part of the Loblaw family of companies) partnered with the University Health Network and Toronto General Hospital director of pain services Dr. Hance Clarke to launch a study on MED effectiveness.
Chronicle Herald

In Other MED/Research News:

Canopy is backing away from “pure pharmaceutical drug development,” saying the challenge of getting Drug Identification Numbers (DINs) for MED is too great.
MJ Biz Daily

MED registrations with Health Canada have begun to slowly decline, though registrations for personal production and designated production have continued to grow. StratCann explains the numbers here.
Twitter–@WhatsMyPot, @Drowbb, Globe and Mail, StratCann

New research from the University of Montreal found young adults consuming cannabis were twice as likely to commit acts of violence, though Jean-Sébastien Fallu, a psychology professor at the same university, noted the study did not control for alcohol consumption.
Université de Montréal–In French, Twitter–@JSFallu–In French

Dr. Jenna Valleriani and a team of major names in harm-reduction and MED research published their work exploring grassroots efforts to give free MED to marginalized people who use other drugs. The abstract is online, but Valleriani’s Twitter thread explaining the project is a more illuminating read.
Science Direct, Twitter–@Jennav5