A new study found cannabis might be a safer way than other street drugs to enhance sex. Some queer men use crystal methamphetamine during sex and the study, by the BC Centre on Substance Use, suggested cannabis could present a safer alternative for the same purposes.
The Conversation

The majority of young people (71%) treated for cannabis poisoning at BC Children’s Hospital intentionally consumed cannabis along with alcohol and other drugs, while 28.9% of those treated used cannabis alone.
UBC, CBC British Columbia, CTV News

Legalization is expected to expand the scientific research and development sector by $11B in the next five years.
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Researchers at the University of Toronto are looking into the effects of cannabis on the oral health of Indigenous populations in Northern Manitoba and Ontario. 
The Province, University of Toronto

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  1. The Alberta government refuses to say whether or not Albertans are consuming more alcohol and cannabis since the pandemic.
    CBC Calgary
  2. Shoppers Drug Mart’s Medical Cannabis by Shoppers launched same-day MED delivery in the greater Toronto area.
  3. Cybersecurity expert Ivy Zmuda animated bar-charts to show the history of cannabis licensing in Canada since 2013.