The Mexican legislature’s ruling party leader Sen. Ricardo Monreal said on Monday that four committees have begun reviewing comprehensive plans to comprehensively reform MED, REC and industrial cannabis laws.

“I think it is worth taking advantage of the political moment to be able to legislate broadly on this cannabis issue,” the senator said. Marijuana Moment

  • As currently drafted, Mexican legal weed laws would let citizens over 21 possess as much as 28 grams and grow as many as four plants. Individual Mexicans can apply to be licensed if they seek to up 28 grams, but no more than 200 grams.
  • It appears the Senate will miss its aspirational deadline of late February. This will not be the first deadline the body has missed. 


Quick Hit

  1. In the Shasta County town of Lakehead, state Department of Fish and Wildlife officers spotted a group of sophisticated structures on raised cinder blocks. When the CDFW entered the property, the team not only found more than 4,302 plants and 24 pounds of processed weed, CDFW scientists came across two illegal diversions: Garbage masses near a waterway; and evidence of a “registered pesticide” being used on plants, among other crimes against nature. CDFW