Sequence is everything. Take your favorite album. Say it’s Tapestry by Carole King. The precise order of the songs are what make the whole remarkable. Consumed in its designed order, a collection of bits gains a truth enhancement that only timing can enhance.

My point, if you’ve not gleaned it, is that a klatsch of white weed women, this time in Santa Rosa, are surviving. And that’s relatively good news.
North Coast Business Journal

  • “I’m pretty sure when I left my job in 2016, if you took a survey of my family and coworkers, zero of them would have said I was starting a cannabis business,” said Fiddler’s Greens and High Tide Distribution CEO and co-founder Shannon Hattan. She was one of five white women relating their travails at the Business Journal’s North Coast Cannabis Industry Conference.
  • Galley Cannabis Manufacturing’s Annie Holman asked that more women get into legal cannabis. “Women are full of positivity and optimism and patience, and we need you in the industry,” she said.
  • There will come a time when cannabis event organizers will become embarassed at presenting its industry leadership as Ivory Snow-white. Probably not soon, but possibly before ossification ensues. One hopes.