Santa Cruz became the third California city to decriminalize psilocybin, auyhuasca and peyote.
Possession, consumption, and cultivation of the federally-illegal entheogenic plants are officially among Surf City’s lowest-level offenses.

  • Double Blind co-founder and friend of the WeedWeek podcast Madison Margolin said these plants economic future can be aided by their being treated as regular ag product. “Activists so far prefer that the mushroom industry be ‘abrogated into already existing industries’ … so as to avoid some of the pitfalls that we’ve experienced already with cannabis legalization, where they’re treating cannabis like a whole other crop,” she said.
  • Meanwhile up the coast, Oakland activists are poised to see what actual psychedelic mushroom sales look like
  • California activists can also pat themselves on the back for getting out in front enough to not be stymied by coronavirus fears.