The latest Statistics Canada numbers on legal REC sales hit $127.3M in August, surpassing July’s $104.5M and June’s $91.5M, the biggest monthly increase to date.
Stats Can, Twitter—David George-Cosh

New Brunswick charted a striking 59% increase in sales, while Yukon sales increased by only 1.8%. Manitoba’s REC sales actually declined by 1.7%.

BC is eager to keep the momentum going, especially since the Business Council of BC forecasted feeble economic growth in the province. Solicitor general Mark Farnworth is working to develop a framework to allow widely desired farm-gate sales by LPs at their production sites, which would be a boon to the province’s burgeoning craft industry.
Business in Vancouver, Twitter—Mike Hager, Business In Vancouver

Vancouver REC store Village Bloomery asked LP sales reps to kindly stop harshing their vibes by shaking staff down for sales numbers and hovering eerily around customers.
Village Bloomery

Kitchener felt the sales boom as local LP James E Wagner announced it was looking to hire 400 workers over the course of 2020. The company hired the first 15 workers at a job fair last weekend, noting they were “overwhelmed” by interest from prospective hires.
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