Cali’s smart set says the best remedy to legal weed’s illicit product problem will be integrating the traditional market. Heck, integrating those folks would also bring a significant number of people of color from the weed-dealing margins.

Because imagination isn’t a dominant feature of state government, California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control is instead committing to more cops
Sacramento Bee

  • In a new state budget request, the BCC has requested that legislators permit the creation of a new police force. This 87-member force would absorb 58 positions from a different department and hire 29 more, creating a new branch of law-enforcement.
  • The BCC wants to convert 29 open investigator positions into sworn peace officers. The bureau would also take on 47 peace officers and 11 non-sworn personnel presently overseen by the Department of Consumer Affairs’ Cannabis Enforcement Unit, which would shut down. 
  • According to BDSA, legal weed made $3.1B last year in California. The illegal market took in about $8.3B