The timeline for the new wave of REC retail in Ontario begins January 6, when the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario will begin accepting applications for its new supposedly “open-market” approach. As of April, the province is expected to license 20 new REC stores per month.
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The Doing Business with OCS webpage shows the price the Ontario Cannabis Store pays for wholesale cannabis—and it’s a lot less than it sells it for. One Twitter user proposed possible markup math.
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With farm-gate sales on the way, lawyer Trina Fraser wondered whether cultivators will be able to send their products out for processing, get them back, and then sell them in farm-gate shops, or whether only processors will be allowed to operate such stores.

Northern Ontario only has two REC stores, but is hoping to open 19 in the next year.
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Dispensary Superette‘s inaugural Ottawa location made $7M in sales during its first five months. Soon Superette will open a Toronto location.
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