What goes through the mind of the gangster growing weed in the mountains as news breaks of cops seizing more than 63,000 plants in Sonoma County? Does it feel like the tightening of a noose? Or has the Summer of Eradication — which seems as oblivious to traditional Labor Day cutoffs as the heat itself — functioned simply as a super-challenging new variable in the traditional market’s ongoing game of Survive and Advance?

What’s going through their minds? Tensest. Harvest. Ever.
San Jose Mercury News

  • Interspersed with corn, the plants on five properties south of Santa Rosa were discovered by inspectors with Sonoma County’s Permit and Resource Management Department on Wednesday.
  • Despite an ongoing uptick in raids — including power shutdowns of illegal operations — the crackdown on illicit pot has yet to prove impactful for the legal bud biz.

Quick Hit

  1. The headline of this interview is “What You Need to Know to Be Successful in the Cannabis Industry.” And when its 3:10 run-time is done you’re not like, “Ooh, I now have le secret sauce!” But you’re not dumber, either.
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