California company Hound Labs showed off The Hound, its new cannabis breathalyzer, which could be on the market as soon as next year.
Philadelphia Inquirer

A few weeks ago in the Guardian, I wrote that while nobody recommends driving high, it’s not clear it is a problem in need of a solution. Additionally, the correlation between THC concentration in the blood and impairment is far less linear than it is with alcohol.

  • The Hound, which consists of a briefcase usit and a handhelp device, will retail for about $5,000. It is about a billion times more sensitive than an alcohol breathalzer.
  • Each test requires a $20 one-time use cartridge.
  • The company believes the market for a THC breathalyzer could be worth $10B annually. This, along with financial backing from the insurance industry, suggests Hound Labs’ interests are less than perfect alignment with the cannabs industry.