This week I spoke to Jocelyn Sheltraw, head of strategy at data firm Headset. From her vantage point at the center of data from 24 point of sale systems, Sheltraw can see changes in consumption patterns faster than just about anyone. And that’s never been more important than right now. We talked about why women are hoarding more, why this may be the moment for cannabis-infused beverages and whether state supply chains can hold up.

A few highlights:

On the data:

“Depending on when the shelter in place went to effect, we would sometimes see these big spikes and then it would even out. For example, Colorado deemed cannabis essential. But Denver didn’t and then it  reversed the decision about six hours later. During that time period people were rushing out to make sure that they could get all those products. And then once the state had gone into that shelter in place, we started to see some of the after effects, it started to even out.”

On shifting consumption patterns:

“The strongest growth was in the, the beverage and edibles categories, [possibly] because you don’t have to touch your face when you’re consuming them, they’re not shareable items.”

On consumer buying patterns:

“We’re starting to see this pairing of cannabis beverages and pre-rolls in that same basket.”

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