Two Northern California latecomers to the REC party took limited steps forward this week, both with different reasons for toddling away from prohibition. Differing remedies, too.
East Bay Times/Fairfield Republic

  • In 2017, San Leandro Planning Manager Andrew Mogensen reacted with an “abundance of caution” in anticipating legalization. He capped dispensaries within city limits at 5. Then the city began a pilot plan to limit cannabis businesses and San Leandro was revealed to lack appropriate industrial space. Only two applicants have since applied. On Monday the City Council lifted the license cap.
  • In Fairfield, civic leaders are looking at neighbors and experiencing revenue envy. “I’m well-aware that in the city of Dixon, they are averaging about $93,000 a month in revenue from the facilities there.” While Fairfield might allow dispensaries and even manufacture within its limits, cultivation will remain illegal.