Legislation introduced by a bipartisan group of US representatives would turn up the heat on those who use public land for their grows

“Left unchecked, these operations illegally divert water and dump toxic waste into our streams, rivers and lakes,” said District 2 Rep. Jared Huffman. The proposed law is called the Protecting Lands Against Narcotics Trafficking Act.

PLANT, you see?
Lost Coast Outpost

  • According to Huffman, in 2018, Operation Forest hauled in from public land busts: 82 firearms, 638,370 plants and over 103,603 pounds of trash, pesticides and chemicals. The damage thoughtless growers have done to Golden State nature has been less calculable.
  • PLANT would help local, state and federal law enforcement eradicate unlicensed grows on public lands as well as set up a fund to bring back land damaged by illicit growing.