It’s easy to forget that all of the declared candidates for U.S. President are dispensary newbies. (Let’s get past the funny fictions about Kamala having been inside dispensaries, to bust folks.)

But (recently dropped out candidate) Beto’s aura says he’s been around a blunt or two, and in Oakland he impressed with his knowledge and vision. And that set the bar high for South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigeig, who fully knows he looks the part of a cannabis dispensary nube. On Wednesday he went to one in Vegas and got schooled.

  • A sure sign that every serious candidate in their party most go into primary season with a coherent and sellable position on pot — Massachusetts, get ready for your Warren tour — the midwestern politician and military vet spent 90 minutes at GFive Cultivation and Top Notch THC Dispensary
  • “I think people have a certain imagery of dispensaries and the marijuana industry that dates back to outdated stereotypes,” Buttigieg said.

Quick Hit

  1. Assuming you already know that full flower cannabutter and concentrated extract are the two ways of getting cannabis into an edible, you’re probably ready to get serious about your cannabis dosing.