In the past, WeedWeek California has been accused of being too soft on embattled top L.A. regulator Cat Packer. We prefer to think of it as being patient. The job’s uncomparaby huge, and she is pretty darn likeable.

As the Department of Cannabis Regulations list of foibles — real and imagined — piled up, we waited and waited and waited for Packer’s local newpaper of record to recognize that her often blazing unpopularity was a legitimate thing.

This week, that finally happened, and Packer got the biographical once over that a figure of her stature merits.
Los Angeles Times

  • Packer would face a furious and disappointed crowd of cannabis applicants and activists in the marble chambers of City Hall and tell them that she was disappointed too. That the city had ended up hurting hundreds of people who took financial risks as they tried to nab a limited number of licenses. That she routinely told other cities not to do what L.A. did.”
  • The profile revisits the background that built this idealistic young leader, which makes her present-tense struggles all the harder to stomach.