As mentioned in the last newsletter, cashed-starved municipalities from Tracy to Anaheim have had their come-to-Jesus moments with legal weed. But what exactly are the cities and counties doing with these licensing opportunities—and when?  
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  • Prohibitionist Anaheim may put legalization to voters. At their June 9 City Council session, Anaheim is “set to consider approval of the first and second steps in a three-step process toward legalizing, taxing and regulating commercial cannabis distribution, manufacturing, cultivation, retail sales, deliveries and testing laboratories.”
  • Sacramento plans to add 10 storefront retail permits. No plans have been set. Meanwhile, Fresno has authorized 14 retail storefronts, with a projected total reaching as high as 21.
  • Santa Barbara County has approved up to six storefront retail licenses, but COVID-19 has put the process on hold.

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  1. Being designated essential doesn’t afford cannabis companies bankruptcy protection, as the U.S. Department of Justice continues to argue against the industry’s inclusion.
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