Congressman Ted Lieu has been a vocal pro-legalization voice since 2015. His co-sponsorship of the advancing MORE Act — as well as the SAFE Banking Act — makes him one of the day’s salient anti-prohibition voices.

Here Lieu shares his positions on the three bills gaining steam on Capitol Hill.

  • Even though the STATES Act leaves cannabis as a scheduled drug on the federal level, the Representative said that he supports “pretty much any cannabis reform legislation. I understand we’re in an environment where Republicans control the Senate. They also control the White House, so you have to think about practicalities.”
  • Lieu insists that the Banking Act, which is also moving through Congress on a bipartisan basis, should not be overlooked, as it’s a remedy to “the completely ridiculous situation where you have a growing, exciting industry that’s all cash. It makes no sense on a number of levels.” What happens when the bill lands on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s desk will be an industry inflection point.
  • “The Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl after they legalized it, point of fact,” Lieu said. Left unaddressed by the Santa Monica Democrat are the post-legalization titles won by the great Golden State Warriors and Seattle Seahawks squads.